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Some less heard benefits of Ghee

For ages, Indian households have vouched for the benefits of Ghee. Lately, it has earned some international recognition and celebrities, such as Kourtney Kardashian, swear by the magical elixir that Ghee is.

Akansha Holani, 28 Oct 2019

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But what is so great about Ghee?


To start with, its nutritional power! Ghee is rich in Vitamins and minerals. Ghee is great for the brain, digestive system, and even vitality. However, ghee is not just limited to this, Ghee is a powerful fat that is capable of much more.


We all know that in Indian households, pregnant women are served an extra dollop of ghee, if not persuaded into chugging whole barrels. The reason being, Ghee has extremely high health favouring perks. Great for the mother’s and the baby’s health as well, it has come to become a pregnant woman’s favourite topping in India. However, despite all these known perks, it turns out Ghee hasn’t been explored to its fullest for there still remain some unexpected benefits of ghee. Following are a few lesser known benefits of including Ghee in your regular diet:


Ghee is rich in saturated fats; precisely 62% of Ghee is saturated fats. This fat can keep heart diseases away- Unbelievable, right? Unlike its counterpart, oil, Ghee is actually good for your heart. Ghee is loaded with Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA is a fatty acid that can protect you from carcinogens (Cancerous chemicals), Atherosclerosis and diabetes.

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Ghee can also make you slimmer- Shocked?  Don't be and say thanks to CLA. Replacing  processed vegetable oils in your diet with pure ghee can be a good step towards a healthier you. According to one study, CLA supplementation in overweight participants showed significant weight loss over six months.




But are you worried because you have a dairy problem? Surprise! Ghee is technically Lactose free- making it suitable for those who are Casein & Lactose Sensitive. 

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