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Deepak Mishra

Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh

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Paryagat Food Grade Organic Essential Oil: WOLD CLASS -The Soul of The Rose (ROOH-GULAB) Rose Extract of ROSA CENTIFOLIA. Organic Rose Oil Producer Deepak Mishra 13th Generation Family Knowledge Transfer... Traditional Indian mind blowing steam distillation process CHAR ATISHA (4 Round 40 kg Rose Petals in each round) with large COPPER pots "DHEGS" & Flow funnel with BAMBOO WOOD pipe with traditional required LATENT HEAT generate up to 400 degree celsius called "AUSHADH TAAP" through COW DUNG RING ONLY....200 Acre Rose

Crop 1 : Rose

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Rose is an aromatic flowering plant & the most popular flowers in the world; consider it as a symbol of love & romance due to it’s pleasant smell.

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