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Shyam Prakash Patel

Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh

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Paryagat: Farmer Shyam Prakash Patel is doing organic farming of Kalanamak rice for last 30 years with vast experience of deep farming practice and using still traditional method to maintain the nutritive value of this scented rice.

Crop 1 : Kalanamak Rice-Black Husk

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Kalanamak Rice- “Buddha’s Gift” Kalanamak is one of the finest quality scented rices of India. It derives its name from black husk (kala = black; the suffix ‘namak’ means salt). This variety has been in cultivation since the Buddhist period (600 BC).

Kalanamak rice is rich in micro-nutrients such as Iron and Zinc. Therefore, having this rice is said to prevent diseases borne out of Iron and Zinc deficiencies.

Regular intake of Kalanamak rice c

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